Character Driven Stories help Your Child Grow Up to be Good and Kind!       

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Shady Pines is an award-winning approach to raising good kids.

Watch the video and see why our popular children’s books and our website won the Mom’s Choice Gold Award for excellence. The issues that plague kids today are the same ones that our characters deal with – in real time. Our fictional world mirrors your real world. Shady Pines Story Town is dedicated to Decency. Our Human and Animal Characters show kids It’s Cool to Be Kind! The neighbors of this small Southern town grapple with bullying, too much screen time, self-esteem issues, personal and public safety, families impacted by long and multiple military deployments, and so on.

You want your kids to grow up to be good, honest and decent. But you’re worried a culture increasingly rewarding bullying and bad behavior will keep that from happening, right?                  

We’re here to provide a Lifeline

Restoring CivilityShady Pines is a fun place for young kids and their caretakers to get away from the noise. Our stories are embeded with basic values, life lessons, and activities to underscore them.  In our small Southern town, kids are inspired to make good choices.

Our story-telling neighbors act as role models

The human and animals characters who live in Shady Pines use gentle humor to deal with the  many challenges facing kids these days.

Acting as role models our human and animal neighbors of all ages and backgrounds demonstrate problem solving by working together.

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