Hi Everyone. Scoop here. Have you heard? A new contest is taking the town of Shady Pines by storm. Residents are rising to the challenge. Operation Un-Plug, as it’s being called, encourages people of all ages to put down that cell phone, turn off tablets and computers, and talk to one another. Face to face. No electronic devices allowed. The person, or family, with the best plan for getting others to do that, is going to win a prize.

Mayor Beauregard P. Fibbs made the announcement from his office at City Hall. The mayor says the individual or family, with the best, proven results will win a check for $500, and be given a framed proclamation from the mayor himself! That’s really cool.

Rules of the competition are available on the city hall website, or by picking up a copy at various locations around town. Operation Un-Plug will run for one week. During that time, residents have to document their results and describe all the different approaches that work. Creativity is a must if they want to win.

We hear some naysayers claim this is never going to work. They say everyone is so tied to a device they can’t put it down for a minute. They claim conversations only happen looking at a screen – not into someone’s eyes.

That may be true most places. But time and again, the folks in Shady Pines make things happen by working together. So, let’s get out there, and start the conversation. Only, make sure you’re doing that without using a mechanical device. May the best idea win! I’ve gotta find Zulah and make sure she knows about this.

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