Hi Everyone,

This just in. Now you get to see the town where civility lives. Our mail carrier, Kimberly Dunworthy, is taking folks on a tour of our town. you might not think that’s such a big deal, but it’s the first time she’s done this. I’m hearing that she might make it an ongoing opportunity for visitors to enjoy. Of course, the more our town grows, the more there is to see.

Kim is a good one to take you around since her mail route has her interacting with our neighbors every day. She grew up in nearby River City and says that coming to Shady Pines Story Town was quite an adjustment. Things can get a little wacky around here at times. But now she has plenty of stories of her own to share.

See, that’s what we do here. We tell stories to help inspire kids to be better people. We also like to have a lot of fun.

Hey, what do say we catch up with tour and hear what Kim has to say? Let’s go! HERE

-Scoop out!