Hi everyone. Scoop, the cub reporter, here with Breaking News.

Well, Ms. Talmadge has really gone and done it this time. I can’t believe she did it. Zulah is going to do an interview with two, real-life people. How many cartoon characters do you know who could do that? Not many, that’s for sure.

This is SO exciting. The author and illustrator of the national award-winning book series, Boomer and Halley, are talking to the Shady Pines Gazette editor, Zulah Talmadge. I can’ wait to hear what Mary Jane McKittrick and Bob Ostrom have to say.

Zulah has been trying to land this interview for a long time. How long? Let’s see. I think ever since the first Boomer and Halley book about the Scavenger Hunt came out. Now there are three in print and more in the works from what I hear. isn’t that great? This has really made Shady Pines Story town famous in this neck of the world.

OK. I can’t stand it any longer. I want to hear what they say to Zulah. Want to join me? Well come on! To read the Interview GO HERE.

– Scoop Out.