Hey Everyone. Scoop, the Cub Reporter here with devastating news to report.

I’m sure you’ve heard by now about Hurricane Florence and how it slammed into the Carolinas before heading north. All of us here in Shady Pines Story Town are feeling so awful. The photos that we are now able to see are unbelievable.  The size of the storm was massive. We knew that. But the amount of area and the large number of people and property that has been affected is truly hard to believe.

Working for The Shady Pines Gazette, I heard many of our neighbors reached out to friends and family who live near the area where it was about to hit, and you could hear the panic in their voices. Some people were told they had to leave their homes. But others were under voluntary evacuation. They’re the ones who didn’t know what to do.

Where do you go? Will there be enough gas for your car to get somewhere safe? If you don’t have family in a safer place who can take you in, will you be able to find a hotel room? Will there be a way to get back after the storm? These were the questions on their minds.

Anyone who’s seen images of these storms in the past have to be scared about being caught in a bad situation. Desperate rescues are what we all fear. Right? We worry about the animals, the elderly and anyone who is vulnerable.

I tell you, it’s really scary to know what to do when time is limited and you know a monster like this is coming right at you.To hear more about what we’re doing to help and how you can help, too, GO HERE.