Hi again. Scoop here.

This cannot be happening. We’re gearing up for another clean-up and recovery effort after yet another major hurricane. That’s two monster storms in two months. Too much! This time Florida took the biggest hit. And then, that huge weather maker turned north and slammed into the South. Hey, this region hasn’t even had time to recover from Hurricane Florence.

The coverage of Hurricane Michael on TV was hard to watch. As a reporter myself I know you go where the story is happening. But I have to admit, I’d be really scared to cover such a terrifying event. I mean, did you see those reporters being nearly swept off their feet by the winds? This hurricane was a Category 4 packing 155 mph winds. Between those winds and the storm surge, well it’s no wonder there’s so much damage.They say Michael is the strongest hurricane to ever hit the Florida Panhandle.

And all that rain. Good golly. The pictures coming in now of the devastation are unreal. Entire buildings are demolished. It’s so hard to see. Here in Shady Pines, we really feel for all the people and animals affected by this event.

I’m nearly back to the Shady Pines Gazette office. I was out covering the “Best Teacher of the Week” celebration over at the Shady Pines Elementary School.

My editor, Zulah Talmadge, and I are going to have to find out what our community wants to do to help the folks in Florida. I hear Harold and Edna Sanders have their own idea.

Scoop Out!

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