Hi Everyone,

Scoop, the Cub Reporter, with breaking news just for you from The Shady Pines Gazette office.

We just got word that the Shady Pines Story Town annual Holiday Gift Bag is ready for delivery. Starting tomorrow, Tuesday November 27th and every Friday until Christmas, another offering will be available to you. The best part is the contents are all FREE! You’ll just download them. Go HERE

I have to tell you, the good folks of our small Southern town have been hustling around trying to decide what to send to you. After all, we are the place where civility lives. Mostly we’re we’re known for our stories filled with positive themes. But, that’s not all we have to offer.

So, this year, with each new reveal, you’ll get a couple of items. They could include a story, a coloring download, a recipe, or, a fun family craft project. You’ll also learn the history behind five of our favorite holiday traditions. For instance, do you know when we started using artificial Christmas trees, or putting tinsel on those trees? And, who came up with the idea for candy canes?

The holidays are in full swing and we want to make the season even brighter for you and your family.

Go HERE to sign up for the Holiday Gift Bag so you don’t miss out on all the fun!

-Scoop out!