Hi Everyone. Scoop the Cub Reporter here with Breaking News.


It’s nearly New Year’s. And you know what that means. Folks all over Shady Pines Story Town are making plans. Down at Mayor Beauregard P. Fibbs’ office, they’re talking about doing some kind of big shindig celebration for the town in Stonewall Park for New Year’s Eve. There’s going to be a potluck dinner, music, dancing, and all sorts of stuff going on. After dark, they’re thinking they might shoot off some fireworks over the lake. Stay tuned for more about that.


There was talk about a parade down Main Street on New Year’s day. But, after what happened last year, organizers aren’t sure they want to try again. You remember when a couple of trucks broke down and stranded the floats and the five band members marched right out of formation, and those out-of-town kids kept popping balloons the along the parade route? Our local kids know that’s kind of rude behavior is not allowed. Yea, there were issues.

Mostly, though, the neighbors are working on their New Year’s Resolutions. Over at Boomer and Halley’s house, I hear their parents are coming up with some real doozies for that dog and cat. When Harold and Edna get excited about a project ‘ole Boomerang and Halley’s Comet are sure to have some kind of reaction. Those two critters get into so much mischief. But it’s all in good fun. And you can read all about what going on over there if you just GO HERE.


At the Community Center the parenting group got together and came up with ways to help young children set goals for the new year. They have some real handy tips to share. If you’re struggling with how to get that conversation started in your house, just GO HERE.

Uh-Oh. My editor at the Shady Pines Gazette is calling me on my cell. Gotta go.

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