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It’s me. Scoop, the Cub Reporter with the Shady Pines Gazette newspaper. Can you believe it? Valentine’s Day is really close now. Man, there are bouquets of flowers and heart shaped candy boxes everywhere. Why, over at Cup ‘O Joe’s coffee shop they’ve come up with some kind of peppermint coffee delight with a little red candies on top and whipped cream. It’s amazing.

Did you happen to catch the story I wrote for The Gazette about about what folks around town are doing to get ready for the big day? In case you missed it, you can read it HERE

With all the stories I’ve already written, it seems there’s one I missed. Have you heard about Gertie, the Souped-Up Blender? You haven’t? Oh, man it’s a doozy. You know how children love stories. Well, this one appeals to kids of all ages.

You know how Boomer and Halley’s mom, Edna Sanders, loves to pull together all sorts of recipes. Edna’s Kitchen is THE place to be for good food and fun conversation. Well, the way I hear it, Edna had a few friends over recently and they got to talking. One of the gals remembered when Edna’s favorite blender blew its top. Literally!

It seems that ‘ole Gertied the blender had been on the fritz. Edna’s husband, Harold, offered to fix it for her. Everyone knows how much Harold loves Edna.

He’d do anything for her. Well, this act of love got a little out of control and the results were hilarious. It’s no wonder our local author, Mary Jane McKittrick, write about Boomer and Halley’s family in those books of hers. The stories of Boomer and Halley usually have the whole town of Shady Pines getting involved. If you want to read the story of Gertie for you Valentine’s Day pleasure GO HERE

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