Hey, it’s me. I’m Scoop, your cub reporter with the Shady Pines Gazette newspaper. This just in. It’s that time again. Get, it, “time?”

We’re about to spring forward an hour due to Daylight Saving Time. It officially happens at 2am this Sunday morning. So get ready, and let the kids know what’s happening.

To be on the safe side, Saturday night before you go to bed, remember to set all your clocks ahead one hour. Otherwise, when you wake up, you’ll be really behind. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve been late for something on the Sunday after this happens!

A lot of folks in Shady Pines Story Town wonder why we do this twice a year. In the fall, we “fall back” an hour, and in the spring we go forward. I don’t know about you, but it takes me awhile to get used to the change every time we do this.

In case you feel that way, too, I did some research to see what might help. Here’s what I found out.

Sleep experts suggest going to sleep — and waking up — slightly earlier in the days leading up to daylight saving time to help adjust yourself to the change. That’s why I’m telling you about this now.

When you do wake up Sunday, open the blinds and get some sun. Or, take a morning walk, ’cause that will help reset your internal clock.

In case you’re wondering how long we’ve been doing this, Daylight Saving became a federal law in 1966, with passage of the Uniform Time Act. By the way, it is Daylight Saving, not Savings, so you can correct any of your friends or family who get that wrong. You’re welcome.

This doesn’t apply to us here in our small Southern town, but if you live in Hawaii or Arizona, you don’t have to do anything. Other non-observers include American Samoa, Guam, Puerto Rico and the Virgin Islands.

Hey, if you have any tips on how to get through Daylight Saving without it rocking your world, leave me a comment and I’ll share it with everyone.

In the meantime, Scoop out!