Are you thinking Memorial Day weekend plans may look a bit different this year? With social distancing and the constant threat of Covid 19, the good folks of Shady Pines Story Town are thinking ahead. The 25th of May will be here before you know it. There are a whole of of people getting together to come up with ways to celebrate the holiday in a safe way.

In the meantime, a reader wrote to Zulah Talmadge, Editor at The Shady Pines Gazette newspaper, and asked a very good question. “Do you think kids know the real meaning behind Memorial Day?”

So of course, Zulah thought that was reason enough for this article. This is what she wrote:


It’s obvious that kids and adults alike love Memorial Day weekend. Why wouldn’t they with all the traditional activities like parades, barbecues, lawn games, fun in the pool, beach trips and the like? But at the same time, the true meaning of Memorial Day goes beyond all the fun and games. It’s actually a very serious and important holiday. For over 150 years, Memorial Day has been dedicated to paying respect to all the men and women who died while serving in the U.S. military.


Have you ever wondered how this holiday became part of the U.S. Calendar? It’s always the last Monday in May. Memorial Day actually began as Decoration Day back in 1868, when the graves of Civil War soldiers were decorated with flags and flowers. It was renamed Memorial Day in 1967, and in 1968, the last Monday in May was officially declared a U.S. holiday, turning the day into a celebratory three-day weekend before summer begins.


As you know, here in Shady Pines, we try to remind ourselves and our children to be kind and caring. One of the most important lessons any of us can learn is gratitude. So before you fire up the grill, maybe you and the kids send out heartfelt Memorial Day wishes. Here are some examples:

  • For an American citizen, today is the day to proudly remember all the soldiers who gave their lives for the country. Let us bow our heads in their honor. Wishing you Happy Memorial Day.
  • Love of this country, patriotism, is the reason why so many men and women fought for our land. Sending you warm wishes on Memorial Day.
  • Today is the day to remember all the real heroes who serve this country with their military service. We honor them for their contribution in bringing happiness. Happy Memorial Day.


For many of the members of our Shady Pines community who have friends or loved ones serving in the military, this can be a very solemn occasion. Please tell us your story and what wishes you want to send out on this Memorial Day. We’d love to hear from you!

Now I’ve got to find Scoop, the Cub Reporter, so we can report back on the 2020 version of fun-filled festivities being planned for our small Southern town.

Stay tuned!

***Leave a comment below and share your thoughts and plans so we can pass them along