Hello. I’m Boomerang here in Shady Pines Story Town and I have a bone to pick with another Australian Shepherd. It seems a dog named, Ivy, paints pictures to raise money for charity. Can you belive that? Ivy and her mom, Lisa Kite, live in the south like me only they’re in Charlotte, North Carolina.

Oh, sure. It’s a really good thing that the gals are doing. Here’s the problem. Because Ivy is getting a lot of publicity,  my mom thinks I should be doing the same. Me, painting pictures. Of all the gosh darn silly ideas.

Look folks. I’m all for donating to charity, especially to those helping families and animals hit hard by the Coronavirus.

But I’m a herding dog, not an artist. I can round up critters and people and pin them in a corner before you can yell, “NO!” But give me a paint brush and I’d probably just bury it next to my favorite bone.

Anyway, these days my two-legged parents, Harold and Edna Sanders, take me along with them when they deliver food packages to needy neighbors.


You know how much mom likes to cook. Well, she and dad cooked up this idea to create gift boxes. A lot of businesses in town had to close down due to the pandemic. That means a lot of people don’t have jobs right now  and aren’t being paid. I guess that means they can’t buy stuff. They’re struggling to get food for their kids. I can’t imagine not having my favorite dog food.

My dad owns the hardware store downtown on Main Street. Nuts ‘N Bolts is still open and every day he hears stories of people in need. He says it breaks his heart, especially when he hears about children and pets going hungry. That’s why once a week mom cooks meals, dad puts them in boxes and we head out in the family station wagon we call, Sweet Pea. Mom named it that ’cause it’s kinda green like those peas they eat. Yuck.

We even take my sister Halley’s Comet along with us sometimes. I have no idea why. That cat drives me crazy. She’s such a know-it-all. Halley thinks she’s so smart. She always yammering on about something she saw on TV, like I care. Mom says I should be kind to her. Really? Mom never had an annoying little sister.

Oh, look. We’re pulling up to our next stop. Dad just honked the horn to let them know we’re here. The Hendersons have three kids and two dogs. Wow. They seem really happy to see us. I guess this is a good thing we’re doing. My stump tail is a wagging and even Halley is smiling. It feels good to give back.


To watch the story of Ivy, the Austrailan Shepherd dog, painting for charity CLICK HERE

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