What are you gonna do? If you’re raising children, you have a really tough decision to make. Should you send your kids back to school next month?

Hi everyone, I’m Scoop the Cub Reporter here in The Shady Pines Gazette news office. That’s the big question we’re hearing all over Shady Pines Story Town. But, it’s not the only one.Breaking News

The numbers of Coronavirus cases are going up fast in so many places in this country. It’s even happening here in our small Southern town. We’ve seen more people than ever before get Covid 19 and have to go to nearby River City Hospital to get better. COVID -19  And, some of the folks are REALLY bad off. One of my friends got that darn virus. His family is worried sick.

How do you know your child will be safe in a classroom? Oh, yea, and what if your child brings this scary disease home to you? Another question we get is from teachers and other adults who work at Shady Pines Elementary. Are they safe to go back to their jobs?

Here is a list of some of some of the top questions we find parents are asking themselves right now.

How will the health of students and teachers be checked? Does Shady Pines Elementary have good airflow and will it be capable of proper sanitizing? Is there a school nurse or nurses on site and prepared? school nurses  

Will masks be provided for students and teachers?

What about some sort three-days-off, three-days-on combination of remote and in-person learning?

Are buses and drivers ready for social distancing? Will Shady Pines Elelmentary help students who don’t have access to strong internet meet the requirements for remote learning? 

How will the classrooms be set up for proper distancing? Will desks be six feet apart?  

I’ve been making calls to to other school systems around our area. And you know what? Everyone is in the same boat. They’re heading for choppy water. Here’s why:

Do parents risk exposing their kids to the coronavirus at school, or risk losing critical educational and social ground by keeping them home?

Experts I check with say there’s no risk-free answer. The right one for your family should be a combination of your kid’s age and health status, and the way they learn best. You should consider the impact any choice could have on your family’s mental and physical health. You also have to ask if your job allows you to keep the kids home.

It’s our responsibility as reporters to keep you up to date on this important topic. GO HERE for more information from the Today Show on whether medical experts are sending their kids to school. This story will continue to change and we’ll be back with more updates soon.

Let us know what you’re thinking about back to school for you kids in the comments below.

– Scoop, out!