End of Fall News Events

The autumn days of October are getting shorter. It seems the sun sets a little earlier each evening in Shady Pines. Leaves on the trees display all sorts of fall colors. They rustle in the cool, gentle wind and float to the ground.

Halloween will be here before we know it. Over yonder is the cozy home of the Sanders’ family on Dogwood Drive across from Copy Cat Lane.

Right now, Edna Sanders is tidying up the family’s den.

She throws out old magazines, plumps the pillows on the couch and dusts the table tops ’til they shine. “We’ve got to get ready for Halloween. There are pumpkins to carve, recipes to bake, and costumes to select.”

Next, she vacuums the floor. “What Is That?” cries Edna, as something hard and noisy jams the wand of the vacuum cleaner causing a terrible screaching sound.

“Oh my goodness. What do you know? It’s Halley’s Mr. Squeaky,” says a relieved Edna. It’s hard to believe how many dog and cat toys I find hidden everywhere. Well, that may be enough vacuuming for now.” 

Right on cue, Boomerang, the Australian Shepherd dog and Halley’s Comet, a silver streak of a cat, wander into the room. Boomer growls at that darn machine that is always too loud for his liking.

“Oh, get over yourself,” says Halley. “You do that every time mom gets on her cleaning kick.”

“It’s not mom,” says Boomer. “I hate that grey monster thing with that sucking sound.”

“Look!” says Halley. “That big ol’ monster machine found Mr. Squeaky.”

“Oh, brother,” moans Boomer. “Now I’ll have to listen to you throw that thing all over the place.”

Edna looks up and sees both of her kids. “Oh, good. You’re here. I want to show you something. I’ve been looking up ideas for Halloween costumes for you, two. Here, let me show you.” Edna gets down on the floor.

Boomer looks at Halley. “Uh-oh. Did I just hear that, Halley?” Halley stares at Boomer. “Not again.”

Halley looks at the first photo and gasps. “Oh, no. I’m not wearing anything that froo-froo.”

“Halley, isn’t this gettup just precious?” asks Edna. “Or, how about this one? It’s a little sailor’s outfit.”

Boomer starts to laugh. “Be quiet you overgrown furball,” hisses Halley. “No self-respecting cat would wear either one.”

“And look at these clever ideas for you, Boom,” says Edna.

“What in the world is that thing I’d be toting around on my back? No way, no how, no siree.”

Now it’s Halley who’s laughing. “I sorta like it.  At least you’d finally have a friend!”

“Very funny,” says Boomer.

“Oh, and here’s another one I found,” says Edna. “You’d be the takeout delivery boy.”

“I’d like to take out an objection to this whole idea,” says Boomer.

“Should I put my order in now?” asks Halley batting her eyelashes at him.

“Halley, you’re such a pain.”

Edna gets up from the floor. “Your dad should be home from work soon, guys. Harold and I will have to decide what costumes we’re going to wear. In the meantime, there are a couple of other things happening around Halloween this year.”

Edna walks over to the fireplace where a clock sits on the mantel. Edna takes it down.  She sticks a note on the clock to remind her to change the time on Halloween night.

“Boomer and Halley, we’ve got to get ready to Fall Back! November first is the end of Daylight Saving Time. That’s when we turn the clocks back an hour and get an extra hour of sleep. Are you ready to Fall Back?”

Halley turns to Boomer. “Let’s go!”

Boomer cocks his head. “Where?”

“To the back of the house. Didn’t you hear mom? We have to fall back.”

Boomer gives Halley a challenging look. “Bet I get there first.”

“Bet you don’t!” yells Halley as she takes off.

Edna whips around. “Wait. Where are you going? I haven’t told you the rest.”

Edna walks into the kitchen where a copy of The Shady Pines Gazette is laying on the kitchen table. She reads the story from the front page.

You know the expression, ‘Once in a Blue Moon?’ Well on Halloween night we’ll be able to see a Blue Moon. According to Farmer’s Almanac, seeing one on Oct. 31 happens only once every 19 years. This year people all over the world will be able to see it. That hasn’t happened since World War II.  

Edna stares out the window and watches the birds chirping away as they peck at the bird feeder swinging from the colorful maple tree. Even in this peaceful setting in the small Southern town of Shady Pines, Edna can’t help but think: 2020 has sure been filled with unexpected events, hasn’t it?