A Doggone First

A new resident at 1600 Pennsyvania Avenue is in the spotlight and a famous resident of Shady Pines has a problem with that. Boomerang, the Australian Shepherd who lives with his adopted parents, Harold and Edna Sanders, is all fussed up. Boomer watches the television screen in his home on Dogwood Drive. He hears that a couple of German shepherds will be living with the new President of the United States!

“I don’t believe it,” he says.

But that’s not what’s got Boomer all hot under the collar. One of those dogs is getting a bunch of publicity for being adopted from an animal shelter. “Come on!” says Boomer. “I’m a rescue, too. What’s so great about him?”

Don’t Be Jealous!

Halley’s Comet can’t believe what she’s hearing. “What is wrong with you, you overgrown fur ball?  “You sound like you’re jealous.” Boomer whirls around and stares at her.

“Halley, you’re such a pain,” says Boomer. 

“Well, then, tell me why you’re acting this way,” she demands.

“I just don’t understand why everyone is making such a big deal out of this guy. I mean he even gets his very own ‘InDoguration’ ceremony! Look. See for yourself. It’s On TV Right Now.” CLICK HERE

Halley watches the screen as the story flickers in front of them. She is only mildly interested. The story is about dogs after all. “How come the First Family doesn’t have a cat?” she wonders.

The TV story says when Joe Biden and his wife Jill, move into the White House they’re bringing along Major, a rescue dog. The German shepherd is the first shelter dog ever adopted by a first family. He’s brother to another German shepherd named, Champ. The Biden’s adopted Champ as a puppy from a breeder in 2008 while Joe Biden was serving as vice president in the Obama administration. 

Not An Inauguration. An InDOGuration

The InDoguration is a virtual, zoom event to raise money for the Delaware Humane Society. That’s where Major was living when Joe Biden found him.

“Look at all those people in those little squares on TV showing off their pets. Why didn’t we get in on this Zoom thing?” asks Boomer.Adults reading a book

Halley shakes her head. “I dunno. Maybe mom and dad didn’t know about it.”

“This is unbelieveable,” says Boomer.

Halley walks around Boomer and stares him right in the face. “Will you cut it out? They want people to adopt pets from shelters. That’s a good thing, right?”

Boomer tilts his head down to one side. “I guess so.”

Living In A Blended Family

“Besides,” says Halley. “That author lady wrote a whole book about how WE were adopted. Did you forget that?” BOOMER AND HALLEY – LOST AND FOUND

Boomer looks up. “That’s true. We’re on the cover and everything.”

“So stop being jealous,” says Halley. “We wound up with great parents and a nice place to live.”

Boomer nods his head. “Yea. But do you remember what we were like in the beginning?”

Halley closes her eyes. “I have no idea what you mean.”

Boomer rocks back on his haunches. “Well, let me remind you!”

“Oh, No! Boomer!”

And with that, Boomer chases Halley out of the room and around the house on a beautiful day in the small Southern town of Shady Pines.