Time To Celebrate

Do you know what day it is? I’ll give you a hint. The folks in Shady Pines are gearing up and ready to party because it’s Cinco de Mayo. I’m Scoop the Cub Reporter with The Shady Pines Gazette and I have newsBreaking News for you.

The fifth of May is the day we celebrate Mexican heritage. Some people think that this is when Mexico got its independace. But that’s not true. It’s really all about the date of the Mexican army’s victory over France at the Battle of Puebla in 1862. So May 5th is also known as Battle of Puebla Day.

How It Got Big Here

It’s kinda interesting that Cinco de Mayo is NOT a big deal in Mexico. Today, Cinco de Mayo is a relatively minor holiday in Mexico, mostly celebrated in Puebla, where the battle took place. Most of the country considers Mexican Independence Day, celebrated on September 16th, to be a more important day to express their patriotism.


Cinco de Mayo is widely interpreted as a celebration of Mexican culture and heritage in the U.S., especially in areas with substantial Mexican-American populations. Here in Shady Pines we like to use this occaision to honor the diversity of our population. We believe that kindness and compassion begins with tolerance of one another’s different cutural backgrounds. So many residents have moved here from somewhere else. We like making everyone feel welcome. 

Rita Malena our Director of the Shady Pines Community Center likes to say, “Viva La Difference!” She is having a big outdoor party at the center later today. Everyone is encouraged to bring a traditional dish of their choice like guacamole, salsa or tacos. Rita says people can dress anyway they want and that mariachi music will be played. Around the country, people will mark this wonderful occaision with parties of their own with Mexican folk dancing and such. Some of the largest festivals are held in Los AngelesChicago and Houston.

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