A Father’s Approach to Mother’s Day

Mother’s Day is the time when we honor all the wonderful women who do so much for their families and their communities. It’s no different here in Shady Pines Story Town.

Edna Sanders is known far and wide for her cooking and the delicious recipes she generously shares with neighbors and friends. She’s the wife of Harold and a dutiful mom to a couple of lively four-legged “children.”

When Harold and Edna adopted Boomerang, an Australian Shepherd dog and Halley’s Comet, a silver streak of a cat, their quiet household turned upside down! Each year on Mother’s Day, Harold and the kids try to do something nice for Edna.

The word ‘try’ is important to remember. Because things, as usual, don’t go as planned. You’ve just got to read what happens in the Sanders’ house when Harold takes a father’s approach to his wife’s special day. This playful story is available now in this month’s edition of the Shady Pines Gazette. You’ll find other stories, Edna’s recipes and more.           

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