A Winning Combo

In the Sanders kitchen this morning, things are a bit hectic as usual. Harold and Edna are trying to have a conversation, while their Australian Shepherd dog, Boomerang, and their silver streak of a cat, Halley’s Comet race through the house.

As the chaotic days of September come to a close, there’s something to look forward to next month. Edna Sanders has just read something she needs to report.

“Harold, it says here in The Shady Pines Gazette, that October first is International Coffee Day. Oh, oh. And, it’s National Cookie Day, too! It says here, National Homemade Cookies Day is observed every year on October 1. If you are looking for an excuse to bake some homemade cookies, look no further.

Harold puts down his cup of coffee, looks at his wife, and smiles.

“My goodness, dear. Those are two of your favorite things,” he says. “What are you going to do to mark this double fun day?”

Edna thinks for a moment.

“Well, this gives me a wonderful excuse to whip up a batch of my favorite Chocolate Chip Cookies. We can invite some of our friends over to help celebrate!”

Harold is starting to like this National Cookie Day. “You did win a blue ribbon for that recipe at the State Fair.”

Edna rummages in her box of recipes that she keeps in a special place in the pantry.

“Oh, Harold this is going to be fun. Besides baking my favorite cookies, I’ll go downtown to Cup ‘O Joes.”

A Visit To Cup ‘O Joes

Harold looks confused. “Why are you going to the local coffee shop when you can brew up a pot here?

Edna puts on her apron. Next, she lines up the ingredients on the counter that she needs to make her cookies come to life. “I want to talk to Joe becasue last week he said he’s coming up with a special pumpkin spice coffee blend for the fall.”

Harold looks around the kitchen. “Edna, have you seen Boomer and Halley? It’s been a bit too quiet around here.”

Edna stops stirring the batter to listen. “Hmm. I don’t hear anything either. They’re  probably off playing with their toys.”

“Halley, I told you not to jump up there. Now look what you’ve done.”

“Oh, pipe down you overgrown fur ball.”

“We’re gonna be in trouble,” says Boomer. “And, it’s your fault!”

“Uh-Oh,” says Halley. “I think I hear dad coming. Gotta GO!”

“Not without me!”

Cookie Delight

Before anything else can go wrong, we’ll leave the Sanders family here. Wait! Don’t go yet. You’ll really miss out if you don’t get the recipe for Edna’s award-winning chocolate chip cookie recipe for yourself.  Just click the link to download it.


A Delicious Cup

We think the choice of coffee is best left up to you!

Enjoy the first day of October.