Publishing Deal In The Works

We have BREAKING NEWS here in The Shady Pines Gazette news office. I’m editor Zulah Talmadge and we are very excited to bring you the latest.
I just found out that our local author, Mary Jane McKittrick, has attracted interest from a publisher for one of her Mom’s Choice Gold Award winning books! That’s right. Since we’re heading into an election year in 2022, Boomer and Halley Election Day – A town votes for civic responsibility is very timely.
I sure hope people don’t get the wrong idea and think the book is about politics because it really isn’t. As most of you know, this story is about helping young children understand the importance of Honesty, Forgiveness, Responsibility and Pet CareVOTE FOR THE BOOK HERE!
Those are the four life lessons embedded into the storyline. Why, there are even prompting questions that are inclued.  Parents can use those questions to ask their young readers (6-9 years old) if they understand these vital concepts.
Home Sweet Home

The Story

The story itself features Harold and Edna Sanders and their adopted four-legged “children,” Boomerang, an Australian Shepherd dog and Halley’s Comet, a silver streak of a cat. The Sanders family gets swept up in all the action during a special election.
Turns out, Mayor Beauregard P. Fibbs got caught doing something he shouldn’t have been doing. Well that got on everybody’s last nerve. But the ending of this story is not exactly what you would expect. Things are often a little wacky here in our small Southern town.
Not only did our townsfolk learn some valuable lessons along the way, but the mayor did, too. That’s usually the case isn’t it? There are always two sides to any situation. You just have to look for them.

Help Us Get Out The Vote

Anyway, author Mary Jane has a request. She’s going to provide a link and all you have to do is vote for the book. The deal is, the more interest she can generate, the sooner this publishing deal will come to fruition and the better the results will be. You aren’t obligated to buy the book, but the publisher will put you on a mailing list to keep you informed of progress. 
So come on everybody. Let’s vote for character driven stories that inspire our kids to be good and kind. We all need more of that these day, don’t we? Here’s that link again!