Change Those Clocks


What is Edna Sanders doing? Wife of Harold, and mother to those four legged rascals, Boomer and Halley, Edna is usually the one who keeps her cool.A happy family hugging their pets But right now she is frantically searching her kitchen.

“Oh, fiddlesticks,” says Edna. “I know I put them in here somewhere! I’ve just got to find them before Sunday.”

A frustrated Edna searches the well stocked pantry with its labeled jars in neat rows. Next, she looks in cabinets high and low, getting more frustrated all the time.

Folks, if you haven’t heard, the residents of Shady Pines Story Town know that Edna’s Kitchen is the place to stop by, have a cup of coffee, swap stories and sample whatever tasty concoction Edna’s whipping up. But right now, cooking seems the furthest thing from her mind.

Where Are They?

A handsome Australian Shepherd dog with a bone in his mouth wanders into the kitchen and drops his favorite possseion at Edna’s feet.”Oh, good, Boomer you’re here.” She bends down and gives him a hug. “Where’s your sister?”

“Did you call for me?” A silver streak of a cat trots right by the dog and rubs against Edna’s leg.

“There you are Halley,” says Edna petting the sleek feline’s head.

“She wasn’t really ‘calling’ for you Halley,” snarls Boomer.

Halley bats her eyes at him. “And I suppose you still think you’re her favorite?”

Boomer puffs up. “Well, you’re not.”

“Am, too.”

“Are not!”

Here They Are!

Edna is on her knees reaching into the only bottom cabinent she hasn’t checked. There are so many old pots and pans in here.

“Eureka!” she cries out. “I found them! Look, Boomer!  Halley, remember these from last year?”

Boomer and Halley look at one another wide eyed.

“Oh, no Boomer,” says Halley. “It can’t be that time again.”

Boomer slowly approaches the two gadgets sitting on the floor. He sniffs them. One clock looks like a dog and the other a cat.

“Good golly, Halley. It’s them. Not again!”

Edna is so pleased with her find. “Kids isn’t this wonderful? Now we’ll have your alarm clocks and we’ll have ours.  This way we can all be ready when Daylight Saving begins this Sunday, March 13th.

The back door opens. “Honey, I’m home.” Harold Sanders returns from working all day at his Nuts ‘N Bolts hardware store downtown. The store owner has grocery bags in his hands and places them on the counter. “I got a few things at Fred’s Corner Grocer.”

Edna crosses the room and gives him a kiss. “Harold, that’s wonderful. Thank you. Now, look what I found!”

A Plan Takes Shape

Harold looks at the two animal alarm clocks. Then he notices the actual alarm on the faces of his two four-legged children. He clears his throat. “Edna, sweetheart, what do you have in mind?”

Edna is at her desk in the kitchen. “Why Harold. I  can’t believe you’d even have to ask!” says Edna. “You know I have a plan. I just made a few changes to the one I made last year.  You know, simplified it a bit.”

Harold walks over to her and takes a look. “Honey, you do remember we had a few “glitches” last year.”

Edna reviews her list of to-dos. “Well, I think that’s because I was using a guide for real children. Trying to wake Boomer and Halley from their naps really didn’t work out too well. And telling them to constantly ‘go outside and get more sunlight’ did seem to confuse them.”

Harold nods his head in agreement. “Yep, that was a problem. Especially when they were already outside.”

So Alarming

Oh, no. What is Edna doing now? She left the kitchen and returns holding a large alarm clock. Now she lines up the three noise makers together on the kitchen table.

“OK. I think we’re all set for a trial run,” says Edna.  I want to make sure we have a running start to this weekend when we ‘Spring Ahead’ on Sunday morning.”

Harold is not sure what he just heard. “We’re starting now?”

Edna smiles. “Tomorrow morning this is what we’ll hear.”

Before she can finish her sentence all three alarm clocks clank and ring loudly producing a shattering noise all at the same time. Edna looks around the room. “Wait. Harold. Boomer. Halley. Where are you going?”

And that’s where we’ll leave the Sanders family on this very loud evening in the small Southern town of Shady Pines!