Spring Has Sprung

It’s here! Hi everyone. I’m Scoop the Cub Reporter with The Shady Pines Gazette news. Maybe you’ve noticed that I have a certain ‘spring’ in my set?

Yes, you guessd it. It is now officially Spring and folks all around Shady Pines Story Town are out enjoying the warmer weather.

Kids zoom around on their bikes and skateboards, the dog park is busier than ever, and folks with a green thumb are doing some watering and gardening.

I’ve been studying up on what makes Spring so special. Here’s some of what I found:

Fun Facts For Spring

The days are longer and warmer  during Spring because the earth is tilted towards the sun more. In winter, it’s just the opposite. The earth tilts away from the sun. That’s why the days are shorter and colder. Pretty cool, huh?

In the Spring and in the Fall the sun rises due east and it sets due west. That doesn’t happen in the winter or in the summer.

We live in the part of the world known as the Northern Hemisphere where it’s Springtime. But in Australia right now it’s Fall. That’s because they’re in the Southern Hemisphere.

Beside the grass starting to grow again and the leaves coming back on the trees, Spring flowers are blooming! Don’t be surpised to see dandelions, daffodils, lillies, tulips, iris and lilacs springing up.

You know what else? A lot of people use this time of year to really clean up their houses. That’s called, ‘Spring Cleaning.’

I found out that the term was first used back in 1867! So people have been doing a lot of deep cleaning for a really long time.

Oh, here’s another thing. You hear people talking about ‘Spring Fever.’ That’s because our bodies are trying the get used to the change in weather and maybe eating different foods.

For me, Spring Fever means allergy season is back. All those beautiful, blooming flowers just make me sneeze!

Why do you like Spring? Leave me a comment below!