A Tiger At the Masters

What’s going on at the Sanders’ house?  The two story home on Dogwood Drive across from Copy Cat Lane is usually quiet at this hour of the morning. But not today. On this Thursday in April Harold Sanders is a filled with excitement.

“Edna, honey, it’s happening!” shouts Harold. “He’s going to play! This is unbelieveable.”

Harold’s wife, Edna, yawns as she puts the breakfast dishes in the dishwasher. “Harold, dear, what are you so worked up about?”

“Look,” says Harold. “Look at the headline:

Masters 2022: Tiger Woods is back and odds and predictions are in!

Edna sees the story of Tiger Woods playing a practice round at the Augusta National Golf Club in Georgia and can’t believe what she’s seeing. “Are all those people there just to watch him practice?”

The TV in the kitchen may be small but to the golf world, the news is big. “Yes,” says Harold. “That’s the point. People just wanted to see him practice. After his horrible car crash last year and all the surgeries he’s had to repair his right leg, no one thought he would actually compete.”

Could He Win?

Edna sits at the kitchen table and shakes her head. “I’m no expert on golf, but I guess if a guy is trying to win The Masters for a sixth time, that’s a big deal.”

Harold sits beside her and grabs her hands in his. “Exactly. One of the greatest golfers we’ve ever seen is going to try to win golf’s biggest tournament, basically on one leg!”

Edna shakes her head. “I will never forget that roar from the crowd when he won in 2019.”

Harold claps his hands. “Yes. That was an incredible comeback at the age of 43. And now Tiger will be on the prowl again at Augusta!”  

The Sanders’ Australian Shepherd dog, Boomerang, wanders into the kitchen with his favorite rawhide bone in his mouth. He drops the bone at Harold’s feet and looks up at him.

“Wonder what’s got into dad?”

Halley’s Comet, the family’s silver streak of a cat, trots into the room wondering why there’s so much commotion. “Hey, Boom. Not that I really care, but what’s going on?”

Harold pats Boomer’s head. “I dunno. It’s something about a tiger prowling around a place where people play golf.”

Where’s The Tiger?

Suddenly, Halley whips around. “What? A tiger at a golf course? Where?”

Boomer rolls his eyes at the annoying cat. “How should I know?”

Halley jumps up onto her window seat where she can get a better look at the TV. “Wait. I don’t see a big cat. Are they out looking for him? Or her?”

Boomer wanders over to her. “Halley, you are the most annoying critter I have ever known.”

“Oh pipe down you overgrown bundle of fur,” hisses Halley. “Wait, what’s that?”

Boomer looks up at the TV screen. “What?”

Halley points. “That goofy looking fake tiger in that guy’s golf bag. That can’t be it.”

Boomer barks. “With your luck, that’s probably exactly IT.

Edna glances over at Harold who’s eyes are glued to the tube. “Sweetheart, aren’t you late for work?”

Harold shakes his head. “I already called the hardware store. I told them the boss of Nuts ‘N Bolts was going to be in just before noon today.”

Edna heads for the stairs. “Well, I’m going to go get dressed. I want to be all ready when he tees off.”

“Halley,” says Boomer. “Who’s teed off?” 

“I’m gonna be if you don’t put that stupid bone down. Come on TV people. Show the tiger.”

And that’s where we leave the Sanders family in the small Southern town of Shady Pines. Each of them now has their own reason to be thrilled about a Tiger at The Masters. Stay tuned!

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