Some May Day Magic

You really know it’s spring in Shady Pines Story Town when the first day of May rolls around. In fact, it’s such a big deal our mayor, Beauregard P. Fibbs, is declaring May Day the start of a month long celebration.

“I Mayor Beauregard Fibbs decalre the month of May 2022 be filled with dancing, flowers, good food, and even better get togethers. We will start off with an event on Sunday, the first day of May, downtown at Stonewall Park. Vendors will sell everything from clothing to jewelrey, artwork, pottery and so much more. There will be live music and food trucks. Bring the family and let’s enjoy this marvelous month in a very Shady Pines way!”

Activities For Everyone

A group gathering is welcome news after folks around here had to spend so much time apart because of the pandemic. Now the small Southern town can kick up its heels at a party or kick back and smell those bright, wonderful, spring flowers.

Over at the Shady Pines Community Center Director Rita Malena has something she’s planning for the kids.

“That’s right. “We’re going to have an ice cream social for the kids on the first Friday in May. They’ll put together their own ice cream cones. We’ll have all sorts of flavors available like chocolate, strawberry and vanilla, plus rocky road, pepermint, and so much more.  After that, we’ll dance around the maypole.”

Maypole Dancing

The tradition of maypole dancing dates back hundreds of years. Traditionally the dancers split into pairs of boys and girls before beginning their routine. The dance creates a multi-coloured pattern which creeps steadily down the pole.

The dancers then reverse their steps to undo the ribbons. This is said to represent the days getting longer as summer approaches. But the whole reason for the pole itself is not really known. Some communities have a permanent maypole up all year round on village greens and in squares.

Over at the Post Office Kimberly Dunworthy is working on her own May celebration set for Thursday the 5th. Can you guess what it is? That’s right! Kim is organizing a Cinco De Mayo party. Kim grew up in nearby River City just over the McCaw River, but one of her best friends is from Mexico.

This party is sure to be lively, colorful and have really good food. We’ll have more on that, a Kentucky Derby watch party, and other goings on. But in the meantime, Happy May Day everyone!

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