Shady Pines Celebrates With Gusto

May is one of those months where there’s so much going on. We just got finished with May Day, Cinco de Mayo, the Kentucky Derby and Mother’s Day. Whew! And now there’s more on the calendar with graduations, anniversaries, birthdays and more.

I’m Zulah Talmadge with The Shady Pines Gazette and we have it all covered for you.

Look over there. Why at the Shady Pines Elementary School there’s a graduation going on. All those little tykes have been looking forward to this day.

Graduation Day

But first, they present a play the’ve been working on for months. The moms, dads, family members and friends are just tickled pink to see them perform on the stage at the Shady Pines Community Center next door to the school.

Their version of Peter Pan included the messages that ‘anything is possible’ and ‘dreams do come true.’

Next is the actual graduation ceremony. You’ve never seen so many cameras and phones fly out of purses and pockets. This is an event that a family wants to preserve for all time. And don’t the kids look cute in their caps and gowns? It was a fairly small graduation class this year but there was nothing small about the joyous celebration.

Congratulations to our Class of 2022! Rejoice in your accomplishments.

Wedding Anniversary

Over at Boomer and Halley’s house, their parents are celebrating 16 years of marriage. Harold and Edna Sanders met at a Fall dance back in the day and have been great partners ever since.

Of course they didn’t have children for most of their marriage. Then they adopted the energetic Australian Shepherd dog, Boomerang, and the silver streak of a cat, Halley’s Comet. There hasn’t been a quiet moment since.

“Are we supposed to get them something for their anniversary, Halley?” asks Boomer.

Halley is busy batting her rubber lizard across the hardwood floor. “How would I know?” shes asks. “I’m not sure what an anniversary is in the first place!”

Boomer cannot believe what he’s hearing. “What’s the matter with you?”

Halley snaps her head around. “Whaaat?”

“It’s when dad and mom got married. That day.”

Halley looks confused. “Well, when was THAT day?”

“I dunno,” says Boomer.

Halley licks her paws. “Remember the day we met?”

Boomer shakes his whole body. “That’s not a memory worth celebrating.”

Meanwhile, Harold is watching TV and Edna is sitting in her favorite chair in the den looking at a poster.  “Honey have you seen this?”

Harold turns his head to look at her. “What is it?”  Edna holds it up to show him. “Mayor Fibbs is using this poster of us to promote the idea that people should visit Shady Pines.”

Harold beams with pride. “Well, it is a very spiffy little ‘ole Southern town. And that’s a swell lookin’ family if I do say so myself.”

Edna smiles. “I know. Let’s frame it. This can be our anniversary gift since we’re all in it!”

Boomer barks his approval. And Halley meows.

Birthdays Galore

The other thing to know is that May is chalk full of birthdays around here. Why Maggie, who runs Maggie’s Diner has a birthday coming up on Friday the 20th. And Fred, who own’s Fred’s Corner Grocer has one right after that on Sunday the 22nd.

And just in case you want to start thinking about a birthday gift for a certain Editor of the Gazette, well, um, my birthday is Wednesday May, 25th.

Whatever you’re celebrating this merry month of May remember that kindness is one of the best gifts anyone can give or receive!