Let’s Set Some New Goals and More

Hey look! We’ve got a new year upon us and that means new opportunities for the good folks of Shady Pines Story Town. What do you want to happen in 2023?

 I’m Scoop the Cub Reporter and right now we’re getting all sorts of ideas here in The Shady Pines Gazette news office. They’re all about New Year’s Resolutions.

Most people think these goals are fun to talk about and write down. But how many of us follow them all year long?

I’m hearing from parents who want to know how to guide children to make good resolutions. I don’t know about that. I’m just a teenager. So I’ve turned to parenting experts for their advice.

Here’e what they say: It’s important to be upbeat, make resolutions a fun activity, and try not to force ideas but let kids come up with their own. Here’s how they say you should get started:

Lead by Example

 If you want to make healthy eating a priority this year, give examples like:

* You know how much your dad and I love pizza. This year we’re going to eat less pizza and eat more fruits and vegetables instead.

* We’re going to limit the amount of fast food we eat, and make more meals together.

Be Specific

* Use categories like personal, friendship, helping and school goals.

Ask questions to help you find out what’s most important to to your kids. Some examples:

* Can you think of some things you might do better or differently?

* Do you remember a time when you might have been nicer to someone at school? Or, treated your brother or sister better? Are there ways to share more with your friends?

* How about helping out more around the house?”

Build Upon Success & Add Gratitude

The experts say don’t get discouraged. It can take up to six weeks to create a habit. So try your resolutions for a month and a half and see how things are going. Make adjustments or change things up after that.

And here’s something else you can try. Write thank you notes. Yep, one expert said they wrote to all the people that had helped them this year. It made that person feel good. And it helped the person sending the note to feel gratitude heading into a new year.

In the meantime, have fun celebrating the new year. Maybe together we should all try to make someone else’s life a little bit better whenever we can!

– Scoop Out

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