I’m Boomerang. One thing you need to know about me is that when I set my mind to doing something, I work at it until it’s done. Some people call that persistence. But I call it being dogged, because, well, I’m a dog. Get it?

Let me tell you how I got this way. I grew up on the U.B. Good Ranch out in Texas. As a full-blooded Australian Shepherd, my instict is to herd stuff. From the time I was little I just loved to run around and gather up animals and put them where I wanted them. I started out herding the ducks and geese around the big ‘ole pond on the property. Once I got a little older, the cowboys taught me how to herd cattle. To be good at the job you have to have a lot of  speed of course. But you also have to have patience and really keep at it. Why? ‘Cause every time you think you have those cows all gathered up, one of them will dart out of the herd. You have to run like the wind after them and bring ’em back in.

Besides needing to be being really quick, you also have to use your head to outsmart these critters. Some people say I’m too smart for my own good—whatever that means. One think I do know is that I can round up humans before they even know I’m doing it! That’s really fun. You should see the looks on their faces when they all find themselves in the kitchen and don’t know how they got there. I love that.

Besides playing round-up, here’s another thing I do. I work and work until I can get two tennis balls and a bone into my mouth at the same time. Have you ever seen another dog do that? Well, you got to be dogged, that’s for sure. You make a plan and stick to it until you get it done. I started out with just one tennis ball. Then, I added the bone. It took me a whole lot of time and effort before I could hold onto that second tennis ball. I had to practice a lot. There were times when I almost gave up. Still, I stayed at it and sure enough, one day I did it. I was so excited. You really feel good when you accomplish stuff.A happy family hugging their pets

Everyone knows I’m a prankster, and nowadays I’m using my special talents on my new family. There’s a whole story about how I got lost and wound up here in Shady Pines. That’s for another time. Just know that I love my “parents,” Harold and Edna Sanders. They say their household is a lot more lively now that I live with them.

There’s always something to do, or get into, around here. My whole notion of rounding up people and animals has taken on new meaning. You know what I’m really dogged about these days? Finding ways to pester that silver streak of a cat, Halley’s Comet. She drives me crazy. Wait. There she is! Time for some more herding!

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