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Top 5 Character Traits Your Child Needs to Be Successful in Life

A happy family hugging their petsHow often have you thought, “I wouldn’t change my child for the world, but I’d sure like to change the world for my child!”

You are not alone. Countless numbers of parents, grandparents and caregivers feel the same way you do. They worry that our culture is having a negative influence on kids. Beyond folks teaching reading and writing, who’s inspiring young people to be – good?

Wouldn’t it be wonderful to have someone on call 24 hours a day who could help you deal with issues that come up and explain stuff to children?

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Think about it. Who do you turn to when you just caught your daughter in a lie? Or your son is being bullied at school? How do you get your kids to understand the concept of taking Breaking Newsresponsibility? Do you know how to explain why kindness is so important?

We Help You Connect

Tackling all sorts of topics, even the difficult ones, is what we do in the town of Shady Pines. Our human and animal characters of all ages and backgrounds make it their mission to inspire children to make good choices.

Now, instead of lecturing and confronting, you can use our characters and their stories to reinforce your own bedrock values. Best of all, these story tellin’ characters are as close as your fingertips and available all hours of the day and night because they’re online.

Neighbors Talk About your Kids – For the Right Reasons

So much of what kids are exposed to today, especially on social media, is disturbing. Where do you go to find content that will conter-program all that negativity? You visit Shady Pines. Not only do we have online stories, activities, recipes and more, we also have a Mom’s Choice Gold Award winning book series. We want you to imagine people talking about what good kids you have, instead of the other way around!

Don’t take our word for it.

How do we know this approach works? Because people tell us it does:

“Showing kids how to be more civil through storytelling. This is great. We have a 5-yr-old and a 7-yr-old. We REALLY need this.” – Robert and Mary, parents

Thank goodness for the town of Shady Pines! These stories empower parents to talk about tough subjects in a very kid-friendly way. It’s refreshing to see a project that is “on topic” without anger or violence. I can’t think of another site like it.”  – Robert, father of four

“What a wonderful way to underscore the importance of simple, yet vital, life lessons.” – Alice, elementary school teacher

Don’t we wish every community had a goal of kindness and gratitude. Very good.”  – Terri , mother of one

“I really like the way this site places an emphasis on family and community. The stories are so much fun, but there really is important messaging going on here. Keep it up!” –  Mary Ellen, grandmother of three  

“It doesn’t hurt to teach manners respect and responsivility. We need more of this It’s time for a change.”  – Coni, mother of three, grandmother of two

Something In This For You

  • Now you know that Shady Pines Story Town gives you a way to reinforce positive character traits with help from some wonderful cartoon characters.
  • We’re available to you any time of the night and day.
  • We’ve shown you proof that our customers like using this resource to talk to their kids about the many aspects of coping in society today.
  • You’ll be glad that people you know talk about your kids as being, “good.

 Now we want to offer you a copy of:

Top 5 Character Traits Your Child Needs to be Successful in Life

a red open box labeled

It’s easy to download. Inside you’ll find 5 stories from our characters to help you better explain concepts such as Kindness, Manners and Taking Responsibility. Which Character Trait rated NUMBER ONE during our recent survey? You’ll have to get your copy to find out!   (  Get It Now   )

This is just the starting point. There’s so much more for you to discover about Shady Pines and have available to you. But this collection of stories is a delightful way to begin your adventure.

Don’t you and your children deserve to have something positive, colorful and fun lightening up your world? Of course you do. 

(Start Here. Start Now)

Nothing changes unless we do somethig to cause a change. It’s up to you!