Get the Scoop on May Day Baskets

Breaking NewsGood golly y’all. It’s gonna be May in no time. I’m Scoop the Cub Reporter here at The Shady Pines Gazette. My editor, Zulah Talmadge asked me to find some good ideas about how to make May Baskets.

Since this is not something I know much about, I did some research. Are you ready? Even little kids can help make these baskets.

We’ll start with this beautiful May Basket of pink and cream flowers created by Design Sponge.  The container is a mason jar.  Click here to get the step by step instructions.

The designer adds a couple of jingle bells to the ribbon, so when you open the door you hear a little jingle. Very clever!

Next up we’ll go in a different direction. This basket of yellow roses with touches of purple is one of my mom’s favorites!  She says all you have to do is add a hand-written May Day greeting, and you have a beautiful May Day display. 

If you have young kids, it’s fun to make paper cones with ribbon (or pipe cleaner) handles.  Your children can fill the cones with candy, flowers or paper flowers.

Here’s a cute paper cone from

Here’s another fun find.

This one is from: Three Scoops of Love and it’s not hard to make.

The author of this design says, “My girls love anything involving leaving surprises on people’s doorsteps.  Anytime they get to rush up to a door, leave something, and run back to the car equals a huge amount of fun in their eyes.  So, we decided to whip up some quick May Day baskets to leave on the grandparents’ doors next week.”

I started with some empty quart sized berry baskets.  These were used and quite faded, but I liked the color, so we went with it.

We braided some torn strips of fabric to make a handle, feeding it through some of the openings before tying a secure knot.

On others, we cut a strip of burlap for the handle.

I bought a flat of snapdragons and we cut the plastic containers apart so they would fit in the baskets better.  We were able to fit three seedlings in our baskets.  We added an anonymous greeting printed out on some scrapbook paper hot glued to a wood skewer.

The recipients will then be able to plant the flowers elsewhere and enjoy them.

We here at Shady Pines Story Town hope you’ve enjoyed our May Baskets special treat. Come back for more fun soon!