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Happiness is when you realize the children in your life are good people.

We’re so happy to welcome you as a member to our small Southern town, located right next to the much bigger River City. Here Shady Pines Story Town, we know you’re worried a culture increasingly rewarding bullying and bad behavior. You may wonder about the long term effects on the kids. We share your concerns. That’s why our human and animal neighbors do their best to set a good example. 

“We’re here to provide a positive experience for you and your kids. Through stories and activities, the animal and human “residents” in our town” inspire young children to make good choices.”   Mary Jane McKittrick, Founder of Shady Pines Story Town

We offer young kids and their caregivers a delightful destination online to get away from the noise. Through stories embedded with life lessons, and activities to underscore them, we throw you a lifeline to sanity.





(The BLOG is Free Content)

THE SHADY PINES WAY BLOG – Leading With Kindness  

Here you can expect to find posts that relate to events going on in the world. From extreme weather, holidays, to headlines, our Shady Pines Gazette news team helps you translate current events to young children in a way they can understand. You see, our human and animal cartoon characters of all ages and backgrounds act as role models. Through the stories they tell, they inspire youngsters to make good choices. They also show that it’s cool to be good!


Make sure you check out the SHADY PINES COMMUNITY FORUM. You’ll find all sorts of topics being discussed. In our town no matter how old you are, your voice matters. We encourage you to join in the conversation. Find out what they’re talking about now!

PINECONE CORNER is the place to sample some of what we offer. You can take a tour of the town, meet the neighbors, find a story or guide, get a recipe, learn some fun facts, find coloring pages, puzzles or find out about the history of the town, and more. We also offer several specialty issues of this every year. It’s a way for you and the kids to have fun together!

You may also want to check out our Our Mom’s Choice Gold Award-winning books. The Boomer and Halley books featuring Harold and Edna Sanders who adopt an Australian Shepherd dog and a silver streak of a cat. When Boomerang and Halley’s Comet come into their lives, the once childless couple finds out firsthand how challenging parenting can be! Each story is embedded with four life lessons like honesty, forgiveness, sportsmanship, manners and so on. A bookmark with prompting questions lets you  gauge if your 4-8 yr old understands the lessons. All of our stories are sprinkled with inspiration and served up with laughter and love!


Shady Pines Story Town is an award-winning approach to raising good kids, where kindness and caring is a way of life

Our books and our membership-based website won the Mom’s Choice Gold Award for excellence. The issues that plague kids today are the same ones that our characters deal with – in real time. Our fictional world mirrors your real world. The neighbors of this small Southern town grapple with bullying, too much screen time, self-esteem issues, personal and public safety, families impacted by weather events, holiday celebrations, and so on.  


The special kids in your life need you. We’re here to support the efforts of those like you who are willing to stand up to the negative influences of our current society by providing a hopeful, loving, compassionate community where kindness and caring are a way of life.

 Invite Your Friends and Family to Join Shady Pines Story Town for connections and community, and fun activities galore!

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Mary Jane McKittrick, Founder of Shady Pines Story Town and Zulah Talmadge, Editor of The Shady Pines Gazette are ready to answer your questions.