Shady Pines and Boomer & Halley Books receive National Awards!

Breaking News

Hi. Scoop the Cub Reporter here from The Shady Pines Gazette newspaper office. Have I got news for you!

I just got word that the Shady Pines Story Town website along with another one of the books in the Boomer and Halley book series (for ages 4-8) have both won the prestigious, national, Mom’s Choice Award. The MCA committee gave both products their gold award. The winning book is Boomer and Halley Scavenger Hunt, Discover Rewards by Working Together. Isn’t that great?

I told my editor, Zulah Talmadge, and she’s going bonkers. The three book series has now won two national awards including the Pinnacle Award for Independent book publishers.

Well, I figure everyone in town will be excited, too. This will be a lead story for sure.

I’m so thrilled for all my neighbors and for author, Mary Jane McKittrick and illustrator, Bob Ostrom. They work hard on those Boomer and Halley books. As a matter of fact, my editor Zulah Talmadge recently did an interview with those two. You can read it HERE

Oh, I’ve got to talk with the critters’ parents, Harold and Edna Sanders. They’ll be amazed to hear that the stories about that dog and cat of theirs are getting this kind of attention. I bet they never figured that when they adopted them back when. Buy all of the national award-winning Boomer and Halley books HERE

So much to do. Gotta go!

-Scoop out.