Hey! Are you and the kids fed up with Covid confinement? This Valentine’s Day don’t stress!  Let our characters help. They love to have fun and inspire kids to be good at the same time. You can get this heartfelt  Pinecone Corner Activity Packet from Shady Pines Story Town just in time that special day.

This offer from Boomer and Halley (the dog and cat pictured on the front) gives you an afternoon ofA happy family hugging their pets fun without the burden of having to think up new activites on your own. Sound good? Here’s what’s included:

*A delightful story of the Sanders’ family’s souped up kitchen blender who tends to pop her top. Hint: It’s a love story.

*A cheese fodue recipe that’s really easy to make, and oh-so-good. Moms and Dads say this recipe is a winner.

* Yep, that’s Gertie for the kids to color – just one of the puzzles and coloring pages to keep the kids busy.

 Valentine’s Day week only, all of this comes at a REDUCED PRICE – GET IT NOW!  

“Showing kids how to be more civil through storytelling and activities. This is great.”Shady Pines Story Town logo

“I really like this activity packet. The story and activities are so much fun, and there really is important messaging here.”

“My kids loved the story of Gertie and then they got to draw her! Shady Pines is a good place.”

Our Activity packets go for $7.50, BUT until February 13th you can get yours for only $5.00!